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As part of our finishing services, we offer a complete tile laying service by supplying a selection of tiles such as gres, ceramic, marble, porcelain, stone and granite, and offering all floor tiling solutions.


Our skilled team with years of experience in this sector, lays a variety of tiles in both interior and exterior areas, from floor and wall tilings, to pool areas, pathways and terraces. These are applicable to residential and commercial buildings: apartments, houses, house of character, farmhouses, villas, retail shops, large office spaces, and more!

Whenever we are assigned with tile laying projects, we take care of everything from start to finish … from preparation and fixing to cleaning, and ensure that our services are of the highest standards. This is thanks to the close collaborations we have with leading manufacturers and suppliers who offer high quality products such as sand, cement, glue and grouting.

Before starting off a new project, we present our clients with a variety of tiles to choose from … different material, sizes, and where necessary, our team can also provide advice on designs, colours and any other related aspects.

We don’t just offer tile laying services!


We also provide all types of preparation works including the following:



Self levelling

Floor preparations



Expansion joints

Cutting and round edge of skirtings

Apart from tile laying in new construction sites, we also offer bathroom renovations and remodelling. We also provide plumbing, electrical and maintenance services to fully complete any assigned projects. 

Once projects are completed, we safely dispose of any remaining material.

If you are looking for professional tile installers to finish off your building, you can get in touch with our team to schedule an on-site visit or request a free quotation on info@itpmalta.com